I have noticed that people don’t like it if you are insulting or hostile about things they believe in, practice, enjoy, wear, eat, or are employed by.


Recently I’ve started listening to what other people say in a conversation, and it’s not as pleasant as what I was assuming they were saying. Apparently when I go on long diatribes about religion and banana cake, it makes other people uncomfortable, even angry. Who knew?


I can’t help if I say to some one, “What’s new?” and they say “Nothing” then I say “You know what really bothers me about what you’re wearing?” and then they get all defensive. I gave them the opportunity to take the conversation ball and they passed. Aren’t I then allowed to talk about whatever interests me? Incidentally, I usually talk about myself or something I recently watched on TV.


This observation is of great interest to me, and I look forward to making notes on my future findings. There may even be a point where I experiment with not insulting people in social situations.

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  1. Dr Roc says:

    Socializing is tiring and requires paying more attention than I’m capable of.

    • Poor Lucky Me says:

      Most things require more attention than I’m capable of giving, but you need to keep a few friendships so people give you gifts on your birthday.

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