First Impressions: 2012 – Friday November 20th

3749997268_d437ec3609I am really intregued by the previews for the movie 2012. I went through a phase where I watched all the 2012/Mayan Calendar/Mega Disaster shows on the National Geographic and Discovery channels.


If you watch enough science shows about mega-earthquakes and mega-tsunamis you can overcome the need to sleep all the way through the night forever! You will have so much more time on your hands to worry about how well-stocked your bomb shelter is. My bomb shelter is full of Effen Black Cherry Vodka, Cool Ranch Doritos, Super pretzels and Nacho cheese, and cyanide pills. I figure any disaster that would make me wait in the bomb shelter long enough to get sick of this fine spread isn’t going to be something I want to survive.


Anyway, the point is I can’t wait to see 2012. I’m assuming at some point Cusack will call upon his classic “Say Anything” acting style and Amanda Peet – a known badass – will karate chop someone. I’ve watched all the trailers and teasers I can find and there’s clearly a place that will save the family from doom. I just can’t figure out where their destination is if the ground is detaching from the earth’s core. Are they flying to a special sky city? I think I would have seen a show about that on NatGeo if it already existed. I saw the one about the floating city. And will John Cusack and Amanda Peet fall back in love?? I hope so, because a disaster movie without love is like cheese-fries without the cheese.


Because I’m phobic about strange crowds and annoying people, I may have to wait to see this movie when it comes to my local video store. Or maybe I could take a sick day from work and see a matinee. Really, I could take the day off to see the movie and cite religious reasons. I don’t believe in the apocolypticism that was used for 2012, but I am really paranoid.

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  1. Andi says:

    Saw the movie on opening day because I really liked The Day After Tomorrow and I do like disaster films myself, I have to say with all the hype I was disappointed, I won’t spoil it for you though by answering any of your questions. You could wait until it is out on DVD but you will miss the one really cool thing about the movie, awesome special effects on a big screen – matinee feels right, not worth full price. Andi

  2. DeMo says:

    You may also want to wait until it’s on video so that you can avoid the crazy New Moon crowds.

  3. Unkle Sam says:

    If you don’t believe in the apocolypticism that was used for 2012, but are really paranoid, you may want to check out a more realistic film on the subject like Collapse.
    This one almost made me pee my pants.
    Cheers. Unkle Sam.

    • Poor Lucky Me says:

      Great! Now I can cut my nightly sleep cycle from three hours to one and a half! What a relief. Those three hours were keeping my from learning to read and write Chinese.

  4. Helen says:

    The date of that Mayan prophecy has changed a couple of times.

  5. Perhaps Antarctica will become a lovely tropical paradise during all the chaos.

  6. Jameela says:

    I look forward to seeing the movie 2012? this weekend. The CGI looked great. Maybe the story and acting won’t be up to par for everyone but the 6 bucks I’ll be paying for the matinee…. well… I think it will be well worth the price for the big special effects alone.

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