A Grey Area – Friday March 19th

I make everyone uncomfortable

I make everyone uncomfortable

Dear Poor Lucky Me,
I can’t watch black and white films…they make me uncomfortable. And bored. People look at me like I am nuts when I tell them this about myself.


Am I un-cultured because I prefer a little color in my life?




Dear Technicolor,
Maybe you’re so cultured that you just blew everyone’s mind. Black and white movies? That’s not any kind of litmus test of refinement. It just sounds like an excuse for people who won’t try and learn a foreign language or travel or read the New York Times, so they have come up with some arbitrary thing they can do and use it to make people feel inferior.


Beware of anyone trying to make judgements about “sophistication” and “culture”. As long as you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, use silverware, read a couple non-Twilght books a year and keep your reality TV conversation to a minimum, you’re fine.


Poor Lucky Me

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