Award Show Jitters – Friday March 5th

Oscar StatuettesDear Poor Lucky Me,


I’ve been invited to an Oscar party Sunday night and have only seen one Nominated movie- Avatar. Any tips for what I can say to not look like so out of touch? And don’t say “just be honest” because I’ve tried that before and it’s just not my style.


More of a Television Fan


Dear Television Fan,
I really urge you to revisit being honest, it’s always the easiest way to go through life. if you feel like you just can’t get there, here are five stock answers you can choose from. If you’re in the right setting, people probably won’t question you:


1. I saw better acting in my niece’s 8th grade performance of “The Whiz” .


2. It’s refreshing to see such unique art direction.


3. I didn’t like that film because I read that the director is a misogynist.


4. Oh, I must have been in the bathroom during the part where that movie got good, because I thought it sucked.


5. That was a rip off of a French film I saw in 2001.


Remember- if you ever get busted not knowing what you’re talking about, laugh maniacally and say “I WAS KIDDING”


Poor Lucky Me

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