Love Served Up With a Tip – Tuesday March 9th


Dear Poor Lucky Me,


I’ve become really really close with a cocktail waitress at the local sexy-cocktail-waitress place in my small town. On one hand I feel like she really likes me, on the other hand I know that I give her really big tips.


Is it totally pathetic to admit I have a crush on her? Is it worse than pathetic, is it sort of stalker-y?


In Love-Ish


Dear In Love-Ish,
It’s neither pathetic nor stalker-y. Don’t put such negative labels on your feelings. I would say it’s just not terribly realistic.


I am not cynical by nature, but there are a few things I’ve learned to be pretty universal:


1. People are more likely to act as if they like you if you pay them.


2. If some one does like you romantically, they are very clear about it.


3. Strippers, cocktail waitresses and small town girls have been known to send mixed signals.


The bottom line is that sometimes you just want to practice being kind and sexy with someone, so that when the right girl comes along you’re ready. But don’t spend a lot of energy on someone doesn’t clearly reciprocate your affection.


Poor Lucky Me

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