Movie-Writing-Monkeys Called To Task – Friday March 12th

Dear Poor Lucky Me,
Please enlighten us: What is up with the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine”? Has everyone is Hollywood just decided to go home and leave the movie ideas to a room full of monkeys?


Every time I see the commercial for that movie I feel my soul shrivel up a little more.


I Thought Of That Movie In Eighth Grade


Dear I.T.O.T.M.I.E.G.,
Your assessment is close, but not quite accurate. The screenwriting monkeys were emancipated in the 90′s, right after Weekend at Bernie’s Part II. Then the powerful Hollywood Executives devised an elaborate formula, sort of like a giant Mad Libs. The just have interns plug in various nouns, adjectives, romantic interests, hilarious situations and touching outcomes.


There are still creative people try desperately to make worthwhile films, but they’re little match for Hot Tub Time Machine and the like. The creative types have to work five times as hard and once their movies are made they have to sit in their mother’s basement, biting their nails and hoping that a love interest won’t be added in the final edit.


The writers and producers of H.T.T.M. hope that you’ll be so delighted by their awesome jokes about leg warmers and cassette tapes that you won’t notice that watching the movie has actually made you dumber.
Poor Lucky Me

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