Reader Curious About Windbags – Tuesday March 16th


Dear Poor Lucky Me,


I recently attended a meeting of my Condo Association. It turns out they were the biggest bunch of blowhards I’ve ever seen in my life.


Is my experience unique or it that how it goes for condo boards? Also is it rude for me to criticize people who volunteer their time?


-Name Withheld, Boston MA.


Dear Name Withheld,
It’s not rude to criticize them as long as you acknowledge that they’re doing a job you’d never do. And as long as you just do it here, where you have a safe place to complain about anything you want. Just don’t be one of those people who walks up and down the halls of your building bitching like mad but refusing to attend meetings, let alone apply for a position on the board.


Also, I’m afraid your condo board is pretty typical. Nothing gets under my skin like people saying “nay” to planting more flowers on the sun deck, then having a 5 minute debate over it. I’ve decided to start studying the cultural phenomenon of people arguing at meetings because they figure since they’re at the meeting they might as well expend some energy.


As you know I don’t not share that sentiment. I take all meetings as an opportunity to practice sleeping with my eyes closed. Soon I’ll be able to sleep the entire work day and stay up all night doing whatever I please…mostly watching old episodes of “Millionare Matchmaker” and yelling at the television.


Poor Lucky Me

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  1. Former Condo Guy says:

    Unfortunately all condo associations are magnets for windbags and blowhards. The smaller the building, the more petty and catty the crowd. It is a 100% proven fact: All condo dwellers hate their neighbors. Sad really. Enjoy!

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