Religious Intolerance – Friday March 26th


Dear Poor Lucky Me,


I used to be surprised when I would read a news story online and see the crazy comments that people would post on both sides of an issue like “gays at the prom” or “pictures of the prophet”. These people that claim to be religious would say the most hateful things you could imagine.


I chalked it up to crazy fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and figured that at least the Eastern Religions have tolerance, that is until I read this story about Akon, a Sri Lankan who filmed a video for “Sexy Chick”. Now there are Buddhists protesting and they have even started a Facebook page titled “We Hate Akon”.


If the Buddhists have gone this way, are we all screwed?


I realize that religion topics can be difficult, but can’t we all just get along?


Yours Truly,


Dear Hopeful,
I have to be honest, this is a really loaded question for me. I try and come off as very balanced and normal on this website, but there are a few topics that when they come up I immediately out myself as “irrational” or ” reactionary”. Religion is the main offending topic. (others include but are not limited to: People who think Family Guy is better than the Simpsons, People who love the show Two and a Half Men, Lady Gaga, Dick Cheney, and The Time the Evangelicals Outed the Purple Teletubby)


That being said, I watched the video and I think the AP has misinterpreted the outrage generated by the video. I’m pretty sure that the reason people hate Akron is because this is one of the most annoying videos/songs I have ever seen/heard. I mean really, I’d rather listen to “Poker Face” for a week straight then be subjected to this crap one more time. Seriously. My dog shot a cooler video when I strapped a video camera to her back at the park and played chop sticks on my old Casio keyboard.


So do not despair. Organized religion still has it’s problems (see how reserved I’m being about my hot-button issue?) but this particular incident is more about crap pop-culture than religious intolerance.


Poor Lucky Me

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