The Things We Do Without Question – Wednesday March 31st


Dear Poor Lucky Me,


I’m at the doctor’s office as I write this, sitting here naked except for the stupid toilet-paper gown they put you in, and I have to wonder what the hell is the deal? Is it really necessary that I strip down and sit on a butcher-paper covered table for a half hour for a checkup? I’m not here for surgery or a colonoscopy or something, just a checkup. Blood pressure, maybe cholesterol screening or whatever, all of which could be easily completed in the pants and shirt I was wearing.


So I ask, PLM, is this some kind of psychological maneuver to get you to accept what the doctor has to say without question, or is there some valid reason I’m dressed like a badly wrapped deli sandwich?


Pantless and Perplexed in Denver


Dear Pantless,
I’m pretty sure the paper gowns are to promote good hygiene- you can never be sure that some one is wearing clean clothes. Even if they let you get close enough for a sniff, a few shots of Fabreeze right before a person goes out can be very deceiving. In face, I have instituted an all paper clothes rule in my own home. I’m not germaphobic, I just don’t want to be expected to be wearing clean clothes every single time some one comes to my home. This way the playing field is even. You can’t be all hoity toity about your dry cleaned outfit if we’re all sitting around the living room drinking Fanta in paper gowns and booties.


I think this is something that might catch on professionally as well. Business suits are both confining and difficult to travel with. A paper gown- or better yet- paper shorts and a paper tank top- can go with you anywhere! I know what you’re thinking- why not scrubs? Sure, they could be more comfortable and hold less risk of exposing your buttocks, but then you might as well wear clothes. And you know that people would start wearing designer scrubs, or silk scrubs, scrubs lined with fur. We should just stick to the paper.


So look out for that in the coming decades.


Poor Lucky Me

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