Trolling! – Thursday March 18th

Dear Poor Lucky Me,


I read on-line news and like to leave comments. Then I’ll check back to see what people thought about my comments. Occasionally, others don’t take the enlightened things I say well, and I have to reply to their comments with some aggression. Then they reply with heightened aggression. And so on.


If I’m not careful, it can take up my whole day! I know I probably shouldn’t engage these weirdos, but what if I’m actually the weirdo.


Is it weird that I worry about this kind of thing?


I Like YouTube Comments Too


Dear YouTube Comments,
I have always wondered who those people are. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is read comment-fights and wonder if the hormones in our cow meat have finally brought socialety into an era of constant rage.

Hey do you ever scan and goad people into fighting there? I think those are probably the best fights, because they’re so pointless. They’re not even about ethics or politics, just strangers bickering with each other to no end. It’s as awesome as it is totally depressing.


I bet that if it wasn’t so easy to get food this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen. I mean, stranger’s comments wouldn’t drive you to the edge if you weren’t so warm and safe and well fed. It’s like we have to create things to struggle for, because we don’t have to worry about the basics anymore.


Personally, I start to go insane when I’m hungry. Just the other day I knocked down a little kid and ate her sandwich while I hunched in the street because it was 12:45 pm and I hadn’t had lunch. I could probably parlay that instinct into some sweet hunting skills.


Poor Lucky Me

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