Wondering About Water Etiquette – Wednesday March 10th


Dear Poor Lucky Me,


Why is peeing in the pool frowned upon, but fish peeing in the ocean is totally acceptable? Lakes, rivers and ponds are also victims of nature.


Best Wishes,
Just Wondering


Dear Just Wondering,
I don’t think that fish urination is acceptable either. In fact, I strongly frown on the fish and other wildlife who pollute the world’s bodies of water with their excrement. If we have to learn to use a toilet with regularity and accuracy, why shouldn’t they? Ducks especially. Those ducks think they’re so great.


On the other hand, humans pour pollutants into the oceans and rivers. I think the Cayahoga River even caught fire once. Or maybe that was Lake Erie? The point is, I guess we can suffer a little fish pee as long as they don’t start dumping their chemical waste into our streets and homes. That should be the deal.


Poor Lucky Me

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  1. Matt says:

    If that’s the pool at the Boca Raton Radisson, I’ve definitely peed in it. I frown upon myslef.

    -Human, Not Fish

  2. Not Embarrassed says:

    I hope you all know that peeing in a pool is wrong, but peeing in a hottub is acceptable as long as the temperature of the pee is the same as that in the tub.

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