Great Pets

Tom and I went to our second support group meeting tongiht. This one was much easier and at the end I felt better. I cried a lot more…maybe that’s the trick. When we got home we walked Ramona Quimby around the block and talked about our days. I said, “I was telling (my friend) today about the rats we saw in New York City and how gross it was and I realized that she has pet rats and loves them. I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings by saying I was afraid of the rats.”


“Oh no” said Tom “it’s like how people who have tigers as pets are still afraid of tigers.”


I laughed for two blocks and up six flights of stairs and while brushing my teeth and putting my pajamas on and laying in bed. And he’s right.

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  1. Bluestreak says:

    I can totally hear Tom saying that. I am glad to hear that you laughed that much.

    Hope you two had a great trip.

  2. tina says:

    those rats were cute

  3. Catherine W says:

    Your dog is called Ramona Quimby? That is an inspired choice.

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