What Is Normal – Thursday March 17th

Dear Poor Lucky Me,


Here’s what happened: I have two pugs who I adore and are on a special diet. In my slavish devotion to them, I make rice on the stove top every night to feed them. Last night I put the rice on and decided to leave it cooking while I took the pugs out for a quick bathroom break- I figured I’d be gone less than seven minutes.


While we were outside I got a phone call. I chatted for 40 minutes without going upstairs, because I don’t get reception in the elevator and I didn’t want to hang up. Plus it was an incredibly interesting and intellectually stimulating conversation. It wasn’t until my battery died that I remembered the rice was on the stove top.


The rice was black, the pot is ruined, the pugs were starving but I was able to improvise. I realize it could have been a major disaster, but when I told a couple people this story they acted shocked that I left the apartment with the burner on.


Do you think that was a strange thing to do or something a very normal person would do? I don’t plan on it happening again, but you know how these things go. Please let me know what you think, and I’d love to hear what your readers think as well.


Yours Truly,
Just Loving My Pugs


Dear JLMP,
I don’t think what you did was strange, certainly not outside the realm of what a “normal person” would do. However, we learned as a nation in the last decade that doing what normal people do isn’t necessary a productive methodology. For instance, plenty of “normal people” hate Muslims, listen to Glenn Beck, wear Uggs, and text while driving.


Normalcy isn’t really the goal, at least it’s not my goal. We should try and do what’s right, what’s fair, what’s generous. And especially what’s safe. So the next time you walk your pugs, please turn off the burner, blow out all your candles, even turn out the lights and the television. Every small positive action we do adds to the greater good.


I’d love to hear from my readers. Please weigh in either in the comments section or by emailing advice@poorluckyme.com.


Poor Lucky Me

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  1. Leslie Ann says:

    Well, Just Loving My Pugs, since you asked: I think it was an honest human mistake/accident, and I’m sure you’re not the first or last person to have this happen. It’s just not a good idea to leave a stove unattended for very long, or a candle burning while you are away. Since we are in such a multitasking culture now-a-days, I also see the need for this. If you ever do it again, just be darn sure you are back within seven minutes. Hopefully your residence and pot will be safe, your dogs will be fed sooner, and all will continue to be well in the world. Best wishes!!!

  2. Julie G says:

    Dear Pugsly-
    Yes. You are “very normal.” Most people have suicidal tendencies at one time or another.
    You should be grateful that you and your neighbors survived this obvious scream for help.
    Now you need to pick up your trusty cell phone and have the courage to call for the help you so desperately need.
    Good luck to you, My Pug Loving Friend. You are going to need it…
    Sending Happy Thoughts!

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