Status Update- Monday September 26th

I haven’t been publishing very much lately, although I write almost every day. I just am so personally bored by my own feelings I feel guilty subjecting my readings to them. So, for today I thought I’d just give a run down of the facts and see where that leads.

1. Number of weeks: 26. We’re getting very close to the safety zone and feeling more confident. My brain seems to have finally exhausted itself from fretting, so I’m able to be more enthusiastic about a baby really arriving and coming home with us. We started getting the baby’s room organized and are both reading baby books. Ramona has been napping more in preparation for her new duties as baby guard dog.

2. How I Feel Physically: Surprisingly shitty. My round ligament pain continues to be pretty oppressive. My giant belly causes me back pain and prevents me from shaving my legs. My atrophying muscles leave me with a haunting phantom pain…like someone who lost a limb, only I lost my manly biceps. Complaining about my physical symptoms makes me have occasional teary melt downs, because I wish I was a blissful pregnant lady. I don’t let it get me too far down though, because I don’t think my baby is going to hold it against me. On the upside, my skin and hair look lovely! If they weren’t attached to a gigantically fat head, I could totally be a model.

3. What’s The Baby’s Name?: We don’t know. There are a lot of names we really like, but I don’t think we’ve found her name yet.

4. How’s Living With Your Parents Going?: It’s actually going well. It’s been really easy so far and we’re enjoying having the support. As much as I sometimes get my hackles up over people being protective, in the end it does make me feel more secure and I think takes some pressure off of Tom when he’s away at school. Also, the suburbs are a dream sleeping environment for an insomniac- no screaming drunks, no ambulances, no honking cars. Pretending to be neat and tidy housekeepers might end up actually turning us into real neat and tidy housekeepers, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

Well that’s all I got so far. Baby Girl is kicking and kicking, which I think is a signal that she wants a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich.

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  1. Leslie Ann says:

    Yum!!!!!!!!!!! I love peanut butter and Nutella!!! Try it on waffles or pancakes, too! xoxoxoxo Thanks for the update.

  2. Meredith says:

    Boring news is the best news when you’re pregnant. Thanks for the update. You didnt ask for any advice, but a little unsolicited tidbit for you – I went to a chiropractor that was very familiar with the Webster technique when I had my huge twin belly. Its very gentle and totally helped with round ligament pains and back pain. Mine never hurt. It was amazing. Message me if you are interested in any more info.

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