Public Service Announcement – Wednesday May 23rd

I lost 300 pictures and videos on Friday when my iPhone crapped out.  I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Apple tech support restraining myself from telling the nice woman that I thought she was a complete idiot and that my dog would have a better shot at fixing my iPhone if I put liver sausage on the screen and let her lick it off.

Here’s something you should know.  When it comes to apartment fires, serious pet medical care and iPhone disasters- if a person has insurance or has backed up their phone recently, they’ll tell you that fairly early on in the conversation.  Like this:

“Hey how are you?”

“Oh I’m ok.  There was a fire in my apartment and we had to move.  It sucks but at least we had renter’s insurance”


“Hi, what’s new”

“Ugh I’ve been on the phone with Apple tech support all morning because my phone crapped out.  I thought I lost 300 pictures but thank god I had just backed everything up.”


“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Taking my dog to Wisconsin for her second ACL surgery.  She busted one knee last year and then just tore the other one chasing bunnies in the back yard.  Thank god we got that dog health insurance!”

If the person doesn’t tell you within a sentence or two that they’ve got a back up plan, you don’t have to ask.  They don’t have one.  People who are smart enough to be covered usually want to be praised for it.  People who aren’t smart enough to be covered usually don’t want to be reminded that their disaster is a double disaster because they were too much of an asshole to insure themselves against it.

Remember: friends don’t ask friends if they have insurance. Or if they’ve recently synced their phone. Or how their diet is going.

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  1. Leslie Ann says:

    Very wise…you are very wise (and a wise cracker, too!)…

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