List – Monday March 15

10 Signs That Taco Bell Is Actually A Subversive Organization


1. The Fourth Meal…they’re going to happily bill themselves as the thing to eat when you’re too wasted to care?


2. Trying to pass off the Taco Bell diet as a legitimate way to lose weight. It’s for people who want to lose weight but refuse to cut out fast food.


3. Introducing shrimp tacos.


4. What ever happened to that Chihuahua spokesperson? Or Eric Estrada? Why do the Taco Bell spokespeople keep disappearing? It’s almost as if they know too much…Charles Barkley better watch out.


5. Why do the tacos have to be so cheap? A 49 cent taco is more than just a fast food item, it’s an agenda.


6. My dog refused to eat the ground beef in a Chalupa. And she eats garbage.


7. The Volcano Nachos feature reduced fat sour cream. In case your diet features nachos but restricts your full fat dairy intake.


8. The Fruitista Freeze.


9. Cinnamon Twists taste suspiciously like Soylent Green.


10. Remember that song “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”? That’s propaganda.


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