Above Ground- Monday December 6th

I couldn’t write that much last week because I was very very busy obsessing about running. I’m still obsessing, but decided to take a short break and take a crack at communicating again. Since the only thing I ever want to talk about now is running I’m at a loss as to how to make this interesting, but I’ll try.


Stupid Christmas is looming and having afar worse affect on me that I could have even imagined. “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments seem to be stalking me like the paparazzi, and even The Simpsons betrayed me by airing their Christmas special early. In fact, my business associate took me out for a fancy booze-fueled lunch on Saturday, which led us to the German Christmas Fair at the Daily Center (great fun), but proved to be overwhelming and ended with us clinging to each other and crying into our wine at the Atwood Cafe.


Not to worry though, Tom and I are planning a serious late-December adventure to ignore Christmas. Details are still being worked out, but I think it’ll involve Las Vegas.


Speaking of Tom, his finals are this week and next. He’s handling the stress better than I am. I had to eat several microwaveable pretzels and nachos cheese this weekend to calm myself down. He would leave at 9, come home around 8, and talk excitedly about legal matters until I begged him to stop. Apparently he is really enjoying himself.


Wow. Three non-running paragraphs! I’m impressed with myself! So, for those of you who thought they’d never be able to run unless they were being chased by the cops (under the age of 25) or a bear/goose/raccoon (over the oage of 25)- here’s the update:
Since reading Born To Run and buying my new shoes, I have run at least 2.5 miles every single day. It feels like I’m running toward something, and that’s got to be a good sign. Right?

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  1. Bluestreak says:

    That is a great sign. I was only able to run for 5 minutes today. Damn lungs.

  2. Jenny says:

    Great job with running! It is addictive isn’t it? But at least it’s a good addiction! Claire and I saw the Disney movie “Tangled” tonight and the animated character named Flynn Rider reminded me of Kevin… only with his good looks and great smile…haha!

  3. Leslie Ann says:

    I thought it was the pigeons you were running from…

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