Every day – February 6, 2020

I guess if I want to get back to writing every day I should start by writing every day. Do I have to publish every day too? I probably should since one of the things that’s been stopping from the starting is the fear of not finishing. I’ll take the URL off my instagram, and I’ll just press god damn publish. If I can work out five days a week I should be able to publish a little turd five days a week.

Here we are. I think the first think I should mention is how wordpress is trying to shame us into using one space after a period by making two spaces look weirdly big. I am extremely outraged. I look typing class after 8th grade.

the quick fox jumps over the brown cow

There was no accommodation for stylistic changes. There’s no way back from here. Also, I don’t know how to move this blog or revise it or do anything. And who writes a blog anymore? And who reads a blog anymore? I haven’t had an office job in six years, but that’s where I did my most aggressive internet reading.

Maybe writing every day will help me find my old self esteem. I miss it.

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